Water Purification Facilities

Water Purification Facilities

It is critical that water purification facilities remain in the best possible working order. This means attending regularly to the machines, equipment, and electrical aspects of the facility. J&J General Maintenance is here to ensure that regular maintenance, inspection, and preventative measures are in place to keep water purification facilities running 24/7.

Our Services Include:

  • New construction

  • Scheduled plant outages, shutdowns, and relocations

  • General facilities maintenance

  • Piping

  • Millwright services

  • Fabrication and misc. metal work

  • Boiler installation, repair, and maintenance

  • Civil building services (including roads, lights, roofing, fencing, and concrete work)

  • Underground utility and construction maintenance

  • Site welding services

  • Electrical safety checks

  • Equipment installation, repair, and refurbishment ¬†

  • Parts procurement¬†

  • Industrial painting and surface preparation

  • Servicing machinery (mechanical and electrical)

  • Transporting equipment and handling materials

  • Routine equipment inspections

Water treatment facilities are responsible for producing and distributing safe drinking water to the people. J&J General Maintenance understands the importance of this responsibility, and we are committed to helping our clients see it through. Whether equipment, grounds, or facilities themselves are in need of maintenance, optimization, or repair, J&J General Maintenance will set the right experts on the job. Contact J&J General Maintenance, Inc. today to learn more about all of the services and experts available for the maintenance of water purification facilities.

Mission Statement

J & J General Maintenance, Inc. is committed in providing safe and quality services based on integrity, value and performance while building long-term relationships with our clients. Services will be under budget and on time using skilled union craftspeople.

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