Heat Exchanger Services

Heat Exchanger Services

J&J General Maintenance can provide you with the qualified technicians you need to handle your heat exchanger services. Whether you need heat exchanger installation, maintenance, repair, or cleaning, we have the personnel for the job. All of our craftsmen are hired out of local unions, ensuring that they have the training and experience to get your project done right.

We service both shell and tube heat exchangers, as well as flat plate exchangers, and can provide on-site assistance for the repair and maintenance of your equipment.

Our heat exchanger services include:

  • Heat exchanger evaluation 

  • Plate removal, transport, refurbishment, and re-installation 

  • Re-tubing of shell and tube heat exchangers 

  • Parts procurement

  • Tube plugging

  • Tube replacement or complete unit replacement 

  • On-site cleaning 

  • Off-site cleaning  

  • Gasket inspection, removal, and replacement 

  • Gasket groove inspection and prep 

  • Testing for plate quality 

  • Leak testing 

  • On-site plate washing 

  • Preventative maintenance 

Our goal at J&J General Maintenance is to ensure both the safety of our clients, their employees, and our workers, as well as performing high-quality work on fast-track time. Our expert workforce is dedicated to these values, and is prepared to be your one-stop-shop for heater exchange services. Contact J&J General Maintenance today to learn more about our heater exchange services. 


Mission Statement

J & J General Maintenance, Inc. is committed in providing safe and quality services based on integrity, value and performance while building long-term relationships with our clients. Services will be under budget and on time using skilled union craftspeople.

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