Deep Foundation Construction

Deep Foundation Construction

J&J General Maintenance offers a full range of comprehensive deep foundations services. Deep foundations are achieved by forcing vertical structure components several feet below the ground’s surface in order to secure the structure in place. In the context of industrial and civil construction, deep foundations refer to the piles, piers, drilled shafts, and caissons that are embedded deep into the ground. Deep foundations are required when soil and superficial ground content is not stable or thick enough to support heavy loads. 

The trained professionals at J&J General Maintenance will conduct appropriate soil analyzing and site inspections in order to ensure the safety and necessity of deep foundation construction. Our chief priority is the safety of our workers, clients, and their employees, so J&J General Maintenance is dedicated to seeing the job done right. 

J&J General Maintenance is experienced with a variety of different pile material types. This allows us to offer more options to our clients and to use the pile material that will be most beneficial to a given construction project. 

Some of the different pile types we can work with include:

  • Pre-stressed Concrete Piles

  • Reinforced Concrete Piles 

  • Timber or Wood Piles 

  • Steel or H-Piles 

  • Composite Piles 

With J&J General Maintenance, you can rest assured that your deep foundation construction needs will be met with safety and expertise. All of our expert craftsmen are hired out of local unions, and have the training and experience to complete your project with excellence. Contact J&J General Maintenance today to learn more about our deep foundation construction services. 


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J & J General Maintenance, Inc. is committed in providing safe and quality services based on integrity, value and performance while building long-term relationships with our clients. Services will be under budget and on time using skilled union craftspeople.

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